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Tutorial 3 - How To Make Your Freelancing Profile 100%

In the previous tutorial Previous Tutorial Link, we have shown how to create Upwork profile. In this tutorial, we will describe how to make your profile 100%. Making your profile 100% will increase your chance of getting more jobs. Although there are other factors associated with it.

At the top of your Upwork profile, there is a "FIND WORK" tab. Click on it and then select "Profile" from the sublist that appears. Currently my new created profile looks like this


Notice that Portfolio, Certifications, Tests, Employment History, Other Experiences all of these are empty. We will fill them now one by one.


Portfolio means sample of your previous work. You can add many portfolio pojects. This is the place where you can highlight your skills. Try to add complex work samples that you have done before. Clients will check your Projects to determine if you are fit for their job.

Click on the plus sign beside Portfolio tab. Write your project Title, Overview, select category of the work. Then, select thumbnail image and project files. If you have published your project online, then add URL of that project. You can also add Completion Date, Skills, Caption of Images etc. Then click "Publish Project". profile-creation-full-2-image In this way, you can add as many projects you want. But do not add unnecessary work just to increase project numbers that have no value to clients.


In the Certifications tab, add certificates if you have got any. If you don't have any, you may leave it. It is not compulsory.

Employment History:

Click on the plus sign beside Employment History. Write Company Name, Location, Title, Role, Time Period of work etc. Description is optional here. Then select Save.


Other Experiences:

Click on the plus sign beside "Other Experiences". Write Subject and Description. Click Save.



Click on the plus sign beside Tests tab. Then select the Test that you want to give. Giving more tests will show your potential to the clients. You have to prove your skills by giving these tests.

Select a test from all the tests. Then click "Start Test". There will be 40-50 multiple choice questions in each test. You will get less than one hour. After giving the test, you will get your result. If you have failed, you will not be able to give that test for some day. It is a good idea to prepare before giving any test.

At first give Upwork Readiness Test. Then, to prove your English skill, give some English grammar, spelling tests. Also, try to pass at least one test in every skill you have.

After completion of all the previous steps, your Upwork profile will be 100% filled. Don't worry if you can't make it 100%. It is not compulsory for getting jobs.

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