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Tutorial 2 - How To Create A Perfect Freelancing Profile

In the previous tutorial Previous Tutorial Link, we have shown you how to create an Upwork account. In this tutorial, we will show how to create your Upwork profile.

Log In

At first, login to your Upwork profile. Go to and click LOGIN. Then type your Username/Email and Password. After that, you will see create profile page.

Create Profile Part-1

In this page, you have to choose your skill sets and experience level. When you apply for a job, client will check your profile. They will see your skills and determine if you will get the job. Try to add as many skills as you can. You will be able to add at most 10 skills here. But don't add something in which you don't have experience.

At first, select the main services you offer to clients. Select from the dropdown list that appears. There are multiple categories. Select the one that suits your interest best.


After selecting main services, another list of sub-category work will appear. Select from those sub-categories. You can choose multiple sub-categories. Now, add your skills in the box "What skills do you offer clients?". Then choose your experience level. If you don't have enough experience, you may select Entry Level. Otherwise choose Intermediate or Expert level according to your experience level.

Don't worry. If you make a mistake, you will be able to change everything later. Now click "See Recommendations".

In the next page, select "Continue To Create Profile".

Create Profile Part-2

In this page, first select your photo. Add a professional looking photo of you from your computer by clicking "Add a photo now". In the next box, add a professional title that describes your work. In the next box, write your professional overview. It's like your CV where you describe your work, education, experience etc. Write at least 5-10 lines. Do not make it too long otherwise client will feel bored to read your overview. You can change it later too.


Now, add your education and employment history. If you don't have any employment history, then leave it. Now, select your "English proficiency".

Write your hourly job rate. Upwork will receive 20% Service Fee from what the client pays. So, make sure you count that too before setting your hourly rate. You can change your hourly rate later. Select "How many hours do you have available for work each week?" and "What type of projects are you interested in?".


Then write your address and phone number correctly. That's it. Then click "Review Profile And Submit".


After that, Upwork team will check your profile and inform you if there is any problem. Most of the time, they accept profile within a day.

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