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What is Domain Name Web Hosting and Sub Domain and How to get them Free

In this article, we will learn how to make a website with Free Domain Name and Free Web Hosting. First, we will discuss what is Domain Name and Web Hosting?

Domain Names and Web Hosting

Domain Name: Computers communicate with each other by numbers called IP Address. It's much like a phone number. Domain names can be considered as a phone book (telephone directory) where you give each phone number a name.

Domain names hide the technical IP Address which is difficult to memorize and gives it a user friendly name. For example: , etc. These are all domain names.

It's like the address of your website. If a user types a domain name in the search engine address bar, they can find that website.

Web Hosting: Web Hosting or server is like the space that you rent out for your business. It's only the space itself. Web Hosting providers will give you space for your website. You can build your website as you wish. Most Web Hosting providers will give you tools so that you can build your website easily.

To publish a website, first you have to buy a domain name from Domain Name Registrars. Then buy web hosting space from Web Hosting Providers. But we will teach you how to get domain name and web hosting space for free.

We will use "000Webhost Website" as our free web hosting provider. They give 1500 MB Disk Space as your website space and 100 GB Bandwidth for data transfer. For most smaller websites this is enough. For example: if you write 100 articles or make a website for your small business.

Now, to get a domain name there are two choices. Either you can :

1. Get a subdomain from "000webhost website" and use their web hosting.

2. Get a domain name from other website and host that domain into 000webhost's hosting space.

What is the difference between domain and subdomain?

Domain: We have already discussed about domains. It's the url that you purchase from a domain registry.

Subdomain: A subdomain is a unique URL that lives on your purchased domain. Example: you have a website . Now you have many books and to make it easily accessible you can make a subdomain of books named . When a user types they can access all the books in one place.

What can you do with 000webhost subdomain? Actually, 000webhost website has many domains which they don't use. And they will give some portion (1500 MB Disk Space) of their domain as subdomain which you can use for your website. This subdomain is absolutely free and no one can use it other than you.

So if you want to make a marketing website named "learnmarketing" , then you can get a subdomain like this: or etc.

In the next articles, we will show you how to make a website described in the two ways above.

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