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Tutorial-1 - Clixsense Account Creation

ClixSense Account Creation Video

PTC Sites And ClixSense

ClixSense is one of the largest PTC sites on the internet. PTC means "Paid To Click". Clixsense will pay you if you view their ads, complete surveys, tasks, offers etc.

There are many PTC sites online. But most of them do not pay. So you have to be very careful when you choose a PTC site. Keep this rule in mind: if any site claims to pay 1-2 dollar for each click or a large amount of money, then you may take them as a fraud. Because real PTC sites offer very small amount of money per click.

PTC sites do not ask for good quality work. Only a small child can solve their work. So, as the work is small and low quality, the amount of money per click is also small. The bottom line is that, if you have good quality in any specific type of work and you also want to make decent money, then go for freelancing. But you can make good money from PTC sites too and the secret is Referrals.

Referral: Referral for a website is to refer someone to join that website. All the PTC sites will provide you with a referral link. If someone joins that PTC website by clicking your referral link, you will earn money every time he views ads or performs tasks. Getting more referrals is the secret of making money from these PTC sites.

Top PTC Sites That Pay

1. ClixSense

2. NeoBux

3. PaidVerts

4. InboxDollar

5. PrizeRebel

6. BuxP

How to Join ClixSense

To join ClixSense, first click on this link ClixSense Link. It will take you to clixsense sign up page.

ClixSense Sign Up Page

There, you will see a form. Type your name, password (must be at least 6 characters), your email and a username. Click the checkbox at the bottom. Then click the "Signup Now" button.

After that, you will get a confirmation link in your mail from clixsense. Click on that link. It will take you to clixsense Sign In page.

ClixSense Sign In Page

Type your username and password again. Now, you may log in to your ClixSense account at any time.


Below are some instructions that you may take to make your account more secure.

1. Save you username, password and mail account to a secure place. It will help you to login if you forget your account details.

2. Try to give a strong password.

3. Also, try to make your mail secure. If you are using Gmail, give 2-step verification to your mail.

Tutorial 2 Link : How to make money from Clixsense