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How To Earn Money From Clixsense (With Videos)

Clixsense is one the largest PTC sites. You can earn money from clixsense by viewing ads, playing games, completing simple surveys and tasks etc. In the previous tutorial, we have shown how to create an account in Clixsense. Here is the link for the previous clixsense account creation tutorial: How to create Clixsense account

In this tutorial we will show how to earn money from that account. First login to your Clixsense account. Click on this Clixsense Link. Click the Sign In button at the top. Type your Username and Password. Then Click Sign In to log in to your account. Then follow these next steps.

1. View Ads

View Ads Video

Viewing ads and earning money from clixsense is very simple. When you log in to your account, at the top you will see View Ads button. Click it and you will see clixsense Ads Page.


Image : ClixSense View Ads Page

You will notice many ads with different income potentials from $0.001 to $0.01 per ad. Ad time varies from 5 to 30 seconds. Click any ad and it will take you to a second page. You will be asked to select a specific image from several pictures. Select appropriate image and wait for a few seconds. When the ads time ends, you will receive money according to the ad in your account. For each ad, you will earn from $0.001 to $0.01. If you are a premium member, you can earn more than that. Watch the video "View Ads Video" to know how to view ads.

2. ClixGrid Game

ClixGrid Game Video

ClixGrid Game is another way of earning money from clixsense. Here, you will get an image divided into several Grid levels. You have to click on any Grid and view an ad based on that Grid. It's like lottery. If you are lucky you may earn a few cents upto 10 dollars by playing ClixGrid Game.

Click ClixGrid button at the top of your account and then click Play the Game.


Image : Clixsense ClixGrid Game

A new image with many grid levels will show. Click on any Grid and it will take you to a new page. Wait a few seconds and view the ads as shown in the video of ClixGrid. If you are lucky, you can win upto ten dollars per day. Normal members get 30 clicks to play per day and premium members get 60 clicks per day. Watch the video "ClixGrid Game Video" to know how to play ClixGrid Game.

3. Surveys

Surveys pay more than other Clixsense make money options and it is guaranteed. Here, you complete a survey in your profile and earn few dollars per survey. First click on the "Surveys" button to go to your Survey page. At the top-right of your Survey page, there is "Surveys Profile" and "preferences" tab. Complete these two profiles and preferences correctly. After that you will get surveys. Complete your surveys correctly and earn money.

4. Offers

To increase your money even more, you can complete offers. Offers are given by different companies online. It's income potential varies from offers to offers. Successfully complete as many offers as you wish and increase your revenue.


Image : ClixSense Offers Page

There are many different types of offers available including FREE, SURVEYS, SIGN UPS, DOWNLOADS, BROWSE and Mobile offers. Individual offers vary from members to members and based on their countries.

5. Tasks


Image : ClixSense Tasks Page

Click on the Tasks tab at the top of the page. Tasks can be completed as many times as you want. In the Reward column, you can see how much the task pays per task completion. In the Tasks column, you can see how many times you can complete that task and earn money. At the top, there are also two options: Available Jobs and Potential Jobs. Available Jobs can be completed right now and Potential Jobs will be available when you complete a certain amount of other tasks.