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Install and Upload Files to Website by Filezilla Free FTP Client

Filezilla Installation And Upload Video

In this tutorial, we will learn how to upload website files to a web server using Filezilla Free FTP Client.


Filezilla is a free software to transfer files over the internet. It is also used to upload files to a web server. It is a very easy and user-friendly software.

Filezilla has two different softwares. The first is Filezilla Client and second one is Filezilla Server.

Filezilla Client

Filezilla Client is an application that allows user to connect to any web server. You can upload website files to your webhosts web server using Filezilla.

Filezilla Server

Filezilla Server is FTP Server. If someone uploads files to a filezilla server, then other users can download data from that server using Filezilla client from different computer.

So, filezilla server is a ftp server. And filezilla client is a way to connect to a filezilla server or any other web server and upload or download data from those servers.

We will not use Filezilla server as we will use our webhosts web server for storing website files and data.

Next, we will show how to upload files to your web server using Filezilla Client. Thus, your website files will be available to others and anyone can browse your website.

Filezilla Installation

1. Go to FIlezilla Official Website in this link. Filezilla Website

2. Click "Download FileZilla Client". You will be taken to next page. Again, click "Download FileZilla Client".

Filezilla Download

3. Skip "Ad-Aware Search Helper" tool. Your download will start automatically. Save it in your computer.

4. After download, double click Filezilla setup file that you have downloaded.

5. Click "I Agree". Then click "Next". Select "Desktop Icon" from "Choose Components" page.

Filezilla Installation

After that, Filezilla will be installed. Watch the video if you need more instruction.

Filezilla File Upload

1. Open Filezilla Client from your desktop.

2. At the top of Filezilla, you will see Host, Username, Password. Type your FTP Hostname or Server name, FTP Username, FTP Password. After that, click Quickconnect. Then, Filezilla will start connection to web server. When you see "Directory listing successful", you can start uploading files to your web server.

3. At the left side, there are two sections "Local site" and "Filename". These two sections refer to your computer's folders and files. From "Local site", open the folder that you placed your website files.

4. At the right side, we have "Remote site" and "Filename". They refer to your server's folders and files. Open "public_html" from the root folder "/". You should upload all the files to "public_html" folder. From "public_html" folder, delete unnecessary files like default.php or index.html before uploading files. Don't delete important files, for example: .htaccess file or other. Your web hosting provider will tell you which files you should delete.

5. Now, from your "Local site" files, select all the files of your website you want to upload, right click and select "Upload".

Filezilla Upload Files To Server

6. Then, Filezilla will start uploading files. It will take some time. When file upload is finished, Filezilla will show notification "Transfers Finished."

7. Browse your website to check if your website is uploaded and working perfectly.

Uploaded Website By Filezilla

Note: Name your website's home page as index.html or index.php and place it in the "public_html" folder. If a server shows files in a directory, it first fetches "index" file. Thus, if someone searches your website domain name like, he will be shown your websites home page. Otherwise, one has to type full location to that page. Example:

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