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How To Make A Completely Free Website By Infinityfree

In this article we will learn how to create a website with free domain and web hosting. We will use "Freenom" website which provides free domain and "InfinityFree" website which gives free hosting with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

This tutorial is divided into two steps. First, we will create a subdomain by Infinityfree. Then we will get a domain from Freenom and web hosting from Infinityfree website.

STEP 1: Create A Subdomain

Go to this link InfinityFree Website. At the top of the website, type a subdomain name where "Pick your free subdomain" is written. Choose subdomain from or .

InfinityFree Signup Page

Then click the blue button.

InfinityFree Create Account Page

In the "Create your account" page, type your email address, password, confirm password. Then validate the captcha by clicking “I’m not a robot”. Then a Image validator will appear. After that click “Register”.

You will get a mail from InfinityFree Website. Click on the verify link. You will be taken to the next page.

InfinityFree Create Account Page2

Again, type the password that you have given before, confirm password, fill captcha. Then click "Create Account".

InfinityFree Go to Cpanel Page

Again, you will get a mail from InfinityFree. There, you will get your FTP Hostname, FTP Username, FTP Password, Domain Name, Control Panel URL etc. Now, click Control Panel URL and type FTP Username and Password as given in your mail. Your control panel will look like this:

InfinityFree Control Panel Page

After that, you can login to your Control Panel and upload website files.

STEP 2: Create A Free Domain

Freenom Website provides free domain name for one year. After that, you can renew that domain free again for another year. So, you can get a domain without any money for several years from freenom in this way.

Go to Freenom Website. Click on this link Freenom Website.

Freenom Website Front Page

In the address box where “Find a new FREE domain” is written, type your new website domain name. Then click “Check Availability”. Then the image below will appear.

Freenom Website available website page

You will notice different website domain extension for example .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf etc. Choose whatever you like with the option free beside it. Don't choose .tk extension. InfinityFree doesn't accept .tk extensions because of abuse reports of .tk extension.

At the bottom of the page, some domain extensions are listed besides which “COST PRICE” is written. Don’t click on them if you want free.

Click “Get it now!” besides one or more of these free websites. Then click “Checkout”.

Freenom Website available website page

Then you will see the below page...

Freenom Website cart page

Here, set “Period” to “12 Months @ FREE”. Then click on the green button “Use DNS”. You will get two options here. One of them is “Use Freenom DNS Service” and the other one is “Use your own DNS”. Click on “Use your own DNS”.

Now, login to your mail and check the mail from InfinityFree that you have got when you created subdomain before. At the bottom of the mail, you will find two nameservers : Nameserver 1 and 2. Copy the two nameservers.

In the freenom website, type two Nameserver names, IP addresses and click “Continue”.

In the “Review & Checkout” Page, you have to verify your account. You can use any process from Email, Facebook, Google+ or Microsoft account.

Freenom Website review & checkout page

If you are using email, then type mail address at the “Enter Your Email Address” box. A link will be sent to your mail address. Click on that link. Then you will be taken to Your Details page.

Fill out all of your details. Click on “I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions”. Then click “Complete Order”.

Then you will be taken to your Freenom Account Page. Here, you can check your website domain. Click on “Domains” at the top left corner. Then click “My Domains", you will see your domain listed like this.

Freenom Website my domain page

InfinityFree Website

Now, login to your InfinityFree Websites Control Panel Page that we have created before.

InfinityFree CPanel

Click "Addon Domains" under "Domains" Tab.

InfinityFree Addon Domains Page

Type the new domain name under "Create an Addon Domain" that you have just created in the Freenom Website. Click "Add Domain". Then you will see confirmation page. Within a few hours your new website will be created.

Then you can upload your website files using CPanel.

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