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Disadvantages of free domain and webhosting

Although it is possible to use free domain and web hosting as we have shown here (Free domain and web hosting), but it has some limitations. Here, we have listed nine reasons why free domain and web hosting should be avoided.

1. Ownership

The first and most serious problem of free domain or subdomain is that "You are not the owner of the website." Free domain or subdomain provider will remain the owner of your site. It will be registered in their name and they have the authority to take website from you at any time if they wish. It may happen if you break any of their rules or policies.

There are some bad sites which provide free domain or subdomain. When any site becomes popular, they forcefully take that site and start using it for their own purpose like advertising.

2. Advertising

Some webhost providers use advertising for making profit. It means if you are using their service, they will place ads on your site. This is irritating as you will not have full control over your site.

3. Customer Support

If you choose a good paid hosting service, they will have a good customer service option. If you ever make a mistake when building your site or you have security issues etc. , they will immediately help you to get rid of that problem. While for free web hosts, this is not the case. You should be ready to fix almost all of your problems by yourself.

4. Usage Limitation

If you are making a site for profit, you will surely want your website to be famous. When many prople will start using your site, bandwidth usage will be high. Moreover, when a site grows, it needs more disk space.

But almost all free webhosts provide a small disk space and bandwidth. If you exceed the limit, your website will be blocked or you have to pay for their paid hosting. So, one way or other, you are switching to patd hosting.

5. Search Engine Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is the process of showing your site to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. The higher your website is in the Search Engine, the more traffic you will get. But if you are using free domain for example .tk .ml domains etc. or free subdomain, Search Engines will not give your site much importance and you will not get good rank.

6. Design Limitation

Some web hosing provider will force you to use their own web design tools, themes, plugins. If you are a professional web developer and you want to use your own code for web development, you will not be able to do it.

7. Security

Free web hosts will not provide enough security. But in case of good web hosts, they have many tools to strengthen your websites security.

8. Subdomain Naming Problem

If you are using subdomain, it will look unprofessional. It will be hard for visitors to remember your website name which is a great disadvantage. It is recommended to use less than 10 to 15 characters as website domain name. Moreover, you are joining another 5 to 10 characters with your website name if you are using subdomain. Think about it, which one looks more professional "" or ""?

9. Subdomain Advertising Problem

Some advertising networks don't give chance to use their advertising network for subdomain. Example is Google Adsense which is the largest and most profitable advertising network now.


You can't even compare between free and paid webhosting. Although you can use free web hosting for testing or learning purposes. You may use it too if you don't care about your site much. Because there's possibility of losing your site.

But if your site is important to you or you are using it for marketing purposes, then try to find a good domian and web hosting. Nowadays, you can find a good host for less than 5 to 10 dollars monthly budget. Good webhosts will provide a domain, unlimited space and bandwidth.

If you don't want to spend for monthly webhosting, then at least buy a domain name which can be less than 10 dollars a year. In this case, You won't lose your site but you will not get good webhosting support.

And the last case, if you don't want to spend a penny, then start with free domain and web hosting. Later, if you want, you can migrate from free to paid domain using 301 redirect. In this way, your previous website's all links will be changed to new website links and user will be redirected to your new website.

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