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SetupVPN Google Chrome Extension - Lifetime Free VPN

SetupVPN is a free google chrome extension. It has both a free and paid version. Although it claims that it provides unlimited bandwidth in the free version, this is not the case. It actually provides 500MB daily bandwidth usage limit.

Currently, setupVPN is not available for Firefox. You need to install google chrome to use the VPN.

How to Install

Click on the SetupVPN Chrome Extension Link. Click "Add to Chrome" button. Then click "Add extension". After that, it will be installed automatically.

Now, at the top of Chrome browser, you will see SetupVPN extension tab. Click on it and click "create an account". Now, create an account using your email and password. Verify your email. Now, you're good to go.

Click on the extension tab again and click "SIGN IN". Log in using your previously given email and password.

SetupVPN free version Image

Free And Paid Version

You will see three types of server: free, premium and public. If you are a free user, click on the free server and choose a location. You will be connected to your desired location.

SetupVPN also provides a paid version. There is no bandwidth limit in the paid version. Below is an image showing payment information for the paid version:

Premium SetupVPN account Payment Image


In both the free and paid version, SetupVPN gives access to many countries. In the free version, you can connect to "France", "Italy", "India", "Germany", "Netherlands", "Australia", "United States", "Japan", "Singapore", "Russia", "Hong Kong", "Czech Republic", "Canada", "Sweden", "Switzerland", "Israel", "Poland", "Ukraine", "South Africa", "Austria". But you will get more location access in the paid one.

Here is a link to SetupVPN video tutorial: Video Tutorial Link

SetupVPN Extension Link

1. SetupVPN Google Chrome Extension Link