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Video DownloadHelper Extension Free

Are you looking for a good video downloader and still didn't find one? Video DownloadHelper is one of the best video downloader extensions. It is easy to use and free. There is also a paid version. But you may not need it most of the cases.

Just go to this link. Add the extension. Now you're ready to go. You can now download almost every kind of videos for free.

There are certain limitations though. But they are small considering the amount of benefit you are getting for free.

You can't download youtube videos from Google Chrome Video DownloadHelper extension. It's because of the fact that chrome doesn't allow any extension to download youtube videos.

But you can install Mozilla Firefox Video DownloadHelper extension which will allow you to download youtube videos.

You can even download complex/restricted videos in most times. You can download wiziq videos or restricted videos which original creator tried to block.

How to Install?

Click on one of the links gven below for either firefox or chrome. Click on the add button. It will be automatically added as an extension. You may also need to install VdhCoApp. You will be asked to install it whenever you try to download a video.

How to download video?

Just run the video first. Then click on the Video DownloadHelper extension button at the top of the browser already installed.

You will see a download link. Click on the download button. Your video will be downloaded soon.

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Video DownloadHelper Extension Link

1. Video DownloadHelper Google Chrome Extension Link

2. Video DownloadHelper Mozilla Firefox Extension Link