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Windscribe VPN Download - 10GB Free and Unlimited Paid Plan

Windscribe is one of the worlds top rated vpn services. It has stable and secure connection. It provides both free and paid plan.



Windscribe is a canadian based service. Windscribe supports unlimited devices. It works with Torrent and Netflix. It uses very strong encryption which is AES-256 cipher encryption. Windscribe does not keep any logs. Windscribe app is very user-friendly. It connects quickly. Windscribe servrers are fast but you can get better one. They offer kill-switch.

Free Plan

In the free plan, they provide 10 GB per month service. Countries supported in the free plan are : United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway and Romania. They have stable connection in the free plan which is amazing.

Paid Plan

Currently, in the paid plan, Windscribe has both monthly and yearly version. The price of monthly plan is 9 dollar per month and yearly is 4.08 dollar per month. They are both unlimited plan and there is no restriction in countries. They support over 60 Countries and 110 Cities in the paid plan.

Build A Plan

Windscribe also created a new kind of vpn plan which is "Build A Plan". In this plan, you can start from only two dollar per month. You can choose any number of countries and each country costs one dollar. Each country will add 10 GB more than current service. So, if you choose Germany and France, you will get 20GB service and you will pay 2 dollar.

There is also an unlimited version in the "Build A Plan" which costs one dollar only. So, if you choose only France and unlimited plan, you will pay two dollar and get unlimited vpn for Germany only. And if you choose France, Norway and unlimited plan, you will pay three dollar and get unlimited vpn for France and Norway. But minimum is two dollar for the "Build A Plan" version.

Create Account And Download

To create a new account, go to the "Create Free Account" page. For creating a free account, you need only username and password, email is optional here.

Then download windscribe app for your computer or extension for your browser. After that, login using your username and password. Now, select the location and you should be able to use windscribe vpn.


Windscribe is available for all your devices, from Desktop to Smartphones. Windscribe is available for all your devices, from Desktop to Smartphones. Windscribe works for Windows, Macs, iOS, Linux. Windscribe has built-in extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. It also work for smart TV apps like Amazon, Nvidia Shield, and Kodi.

Payment options are Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bitcoin, Paymentwall. Payment is fast and user friendly. The official windscribe website is also easy to navigate. You can delete your account easily without any hassle.

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